Writing Prompts 7: Character

Today we’re gonna get to know our characters. I’m just gonna jump right in, because I’ve got some writing to do tonight. Enjoy!

Prompt: Three things that absolutely terrify your character.

Prompt: Three things that put your character at peace.

Prompt: Your character needs to give themselves a pep talk to do something important. What do they say? Or do they try to imagine someone else giving them the pep talk?

Prompt: Things have gone WAY off the rails, and your character is staring down a catastrophe from which there is no apparent escape. How do they react?

Prompt: What is your character’s biggest flaw? Are they aware of it? Do they consider it a flaw? Write a paragraph or two where this flaw is front and center.

Prompt: What is your character’s biggest personality strength? Write a paragraph or two where this trait is evident.

Prompt: What is your character’s ideal life?

Prompt: What would Hell be like for them?



Whew! That was a lot. I hope some of that was useful for you in getting to know your characters better. As always, if you ever feel like sharing your responses to any of my prompts, I’m delighted to read them. I can be emailed at bmk[at]chuggie[dot]net. Bear in mind, I’m don’t claim to be any kind of expert – just a fellow toiler in the word-mines. Some days we strike gold, some days we just wander around in our underpants wondering what day it is. We help each other how we can.

Now to find a (seemingly) random image to put up at the top of this post. I think I know the perfect one, and if you know what it is and WHY I chose it, the next drink’s on me. Make it a double. PEACE!

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