Africa Trip: Day 9

That’s a “9” up there.

Day 9: June 26, 2013

On a Wednesday… “The Gang Goes Shopping”

-I’m told here it can cost around 2500 rand to get a job. With unemployment the way it is in South Africa, there are lots of job candidates. Apparently, a lot of employers will ┬áhire the person that puts some money in their pocket. Then you get a contract for a year or two or whatever. Again, this is just something I’m being told. That doesn’t make it a nation wide thing.

-Today we go to Zeerust in search of a boar tusk tobacco pipe.

-Back from Zeerust. No pipe. Roommates, am I right?! LOL.

-Zeerust was fun. I got myself a South Africa rugby jersey. Got Keri a skirt and some fingernail polish. I found a hoodie for Jordie with a robot pirate on it and I immediately started yelling for someone to come take my money. There were a bunch of us running around, and I was with Kaebetswe, Bob, and Chase. Kaebetswe’s sister Katlego met us and joined us for lunch.

-In Mosweu now. Several of the congregation met us at the church. They sang and danced with a brass band playing. It’s pretty great when you get received like that. You kinda feel like a celebrity.

-I might actually be too tired to write any more tonight. It’s exhausting having all these amazing ideas, and it’s amazing how amazing my amazing ideas are. And i just had another! AMAZING!

-Here in Mosweu, I’m staying with the Molefi/Raps family. They are: Emily (34, mother of the house), Orapeleng (Emily’s son, 15), Keitumetse (Emily’s sister), Tshepo (17, Emily’s nephew), and Moremogolo (9, Emily’s nephew).


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