Africa Trip: Day 8

Day 8: June 25, 2013

On a Tuesday… “The Gang Meets the Chief”

-Schedule: 1) Visit Chief’s Council   2) Walk through Lekubu village to Home Health Services   3) Tour Home Health Services center    4) Back to the church

-The chief was unable to meet with us, but we met with his council and his son. Jack S. gave a gift to be passed along to the chief, “First Fruits”. The council welcomed us and said we were honored guests. They assured us we were safe and welcome in Lekubu.

-The Home Health Services center has a small vegetable garden. The produce gets sold to help fund their services to treat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and chronic illnesses. They’re under-staffed and underfunded, with resources dwindling. Cases of HIV/AIDS and TB are, however, declining. The people who work here do an amazing job, and they truly care about what they do.

-Idea for a book: “Born to Fish, Forced to Work: the Kaebetswe Rantao Story”.

-I’m told this region is on a 20 year drought. Water for livestock and irrigation has to be trucked in.

-Last night a car hit a cow with a Toyota Carolla. The driver was pretty banged up. People gathered in big numbers to harvest the animal. This happened just outside the house where Jack and Sandy were staying. You’ll have to ask them for the full story. (I’ll put their home phone number on here as soon as I get it so you can call them at any hour. Jack prefers to sleep during the day and stay up at night, so the later you call the better.)

-Don’t mess with Freddy. Today we went to the local hunting preserve (a part of Hunting Legends) to see some lions. A man named Freddy Oosterhuis manages the place. He was funny and friendly, with a few scars on his arms I imagined were from lions. Did you know lions are scary? They just want to play with you… TO DEATH!

-Keitumetse is sad that we’re leaving tomorrow for Mosweu. She says Chase and I are her sons now. She wants me to bring Keri and Jordy here to stay.

-News from the states: my publisher tells me Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways is selling well and that I am awesome.



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  1. You’re a hoot! Jack says,”Not true!!! I like to party day and night.” It is definitely a good thing you were along. No one could have written a better journal.

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