Africa Trip: Day 7

Day 7: Monday, June 24, 2013

-You know how sometimes you stay at someone else’s house and when you wake up you forget where you are? That hasn’t happened here, and I doubt it will.

-Having unbelievably awesome ideas all the time every day could be exhausting for a weaker man.

-We helped paint the mission house today. First, we had to scrape and sand the old pink paint off. That part was unpleasant, but not as bad for me as the guys running the sander. We toasted the day’s success with Windhoek and Hunter’s Gold.

-Beautiful sunset. We had dinner at Albert’s house. Our hosts came in and asked our assistance in dealing with a snake that had crawled into a bedroom. Mike and Chase quickly dealt with the beast, which turned out to be a brown garden snake. You can’t take a chance here, though. If there’s a snake in your house, you treat it like a mamba until you know for sure what it is. Since it was night time and the snake was under a bed, they had to kill it first and find out its species second.

-Earlier, we went to the Bangladeshi tuck shop (grocer). The shop owner and his wife live in the back of the shop. I don’t know where his Bangladeshi employee Assan lives. They run a successful little shop. Jackie and I were grateful for the tour. He wanted to show us Bangladeshi television shows. I had no idea such a thing would be broadcast in South Africa, but apparently there are lots of Bangladeshis who move to South Africa to start businesses. Also, he had a mini dish on the back of his building.

-I talked to Lebogang, who lives in Soweto, about whether or not I’d be safe there walking alone. He says yes. Morwaeng told me back in Jo-burg that I’d be taking a chance walking alone there in the daytime, and I’d probably run into trouble at night.

-I haven’t met a South African that I don’t like. I am continually amazed by how friendly everyone is. Total strangers, and they all smile and wave at me. It takes a lot of will power not to hang out car windows waving at everyone I see like a lunatic.

-Kiki is kinda the mascot of the church in Lekubu. She’s Pastor Jack’s daughter, and she is a mischievous wee scamp. At church yesterday, the Women’s League was singing. Kiki walked up, wrestled the hymnal out of a woman’s hands, and ran off with it to hide under the altar. When she emerged 5 minutes later, she didn’t have the hymnal.

I have no idea why these pictures are all out of order:


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