Africa Trip: Day 6

Day 6: Sunday, June 23, 2013

-The roosters are going bananas. I don’t know what time they started, but at 5am I couldn’t sleep through it anymore.

-Church service lasted 4.5 hours, a little longer than the folks in our group are used to. There was plentiful singing and dancing. They even made us get up in front of the congregation and sing. At one point, there was an odd fellow at the back of the church who got up and started delivering his own sermon. He was ignored, but it gave me an idea. I had other ideas, too, and their brilliance astounded me.

-Chase and I are staying with the Rantao family. Kaebetswe, 23, drives us where we need to go and keeps us entertained. The mother of the house is Keitumetse, whose name means “I am happy.” She quickly declared I was her son, and her hospitality was unforgettable. Her husband George is a quiet, friendly man who always had a smile. George and Keitumetse’s children were there, too. The oldest daughter is Mildred, whose fiancee Venter I didn’t meet. Next is a son, Lebogang and his fiancee Portia. Then another son, Kagiso with his wife Khutsafalo, who weren’t in town yet. Then a daughter, Katlego, whose facial expressions and attitude were so much like my cousin Heidi that I immediately felt like she was my cousin, too. Then Kaebetswe, who is the youngest of Keitumetse and George’s kids. There were some grandchildren scampering around, too: Galaletsang, Rebaone, Omogolo, Otlotleng, Reiokantse, and Matlhogonolo, whose name I had trouble pronouncing.

-I am led to believe I will be slaughtering chickens, perhaps a goat, and possibly a cow. A lot has happened today, mostly up at the church. I can barely keep my eyes open to write this here journal entr


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