Africa Trip: Day 4

Day 4: Friday, June 21, 2013

More orientations on day 4. I don’t know any of the songs the group is practicing. There’s Bible study, of course. We discussed Luke 24:13-31. We discussed Acts 9:1-20. My favorite is still Matthew 25:40 (“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’)

I’m told that in 1885, the map of Africa was drawn by 14 Western powers that didn’t include anybody from Africa. Colonies and division of resources, that’s what that was about.

Orientations are almost over. Tomorrow at noon, we head to our various villages to meet our hosts. This time tomorrow, I’ll be in the village of Lekubu.

In our orientations, Morwaeng Motswasele used “daywalker” from the Blade movies as an analogy to describe female pastors. I like him. I wonder if he’s seen Ghost Rider 2…

We’re learning how to shake hands, South African-style (solid, +1). We’re also learning rules about who you can make eye contact with and who you shouldn’t… Here it’s mostly just for people who are close. A man looking a woman in the eye is, apparently, flirting with her pretty hard. Don’t look another man’s woman in the eye.

I miss mango juice a lot. That’s not mashed potatoes on that plate. It’s corn.

It’s winter in South Africa. That means the weather is dry and cool. It also means the grass doesn’t get much water. December, I’m told, is hot and green.

Morwaeng Motswasele and Phil Knutson. If you’re going to South Africa, you should start by by visiting these guys.

Representatives from the Wisconsin River Valley Conference of the ELCA, getting ready to depart Johannesburg.
The moon was astoundingly bright on our last night in Jo-burg.


Onward to Day 5!

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