Africa Trip: Day 3

Day 3: Thursday, June 20, 2013

“The group traveling through London was delayed, so our city tour was, as well. Once they arrive, we’ll take a bus to the Apartheid Museum on the other side of Johannesburg.

[later] A member of the London group had an abrasion or something on his foot. He sealed it up with crazy glue, which also sealed in an infection. His foot was grotesquely swollen when the London group arrived at Lakeview Lodge. Most of us went to the Apartheid Museum. A couple people went with him to the hospital to get a big bucket of antibiotics.

[later] The room at the Apartheid Museum with all the nooses hanging from the ceiling was chilling. So were the solitary cells. I didn’t measure, but I’d guess they were about 5’x8′. You can’t lock the doors, but I went in and pulled a door shut behind me. Extra chilling. And then I found out the Apartheid regime could legally put someone in there for 90 straight days before they had to let them out. They found that law unacceptable, so they increased it to 180 days. Not cool. I’d show you pictures, but they don’t allow photos inside the museum.

[later] Soweto. The Apartheid regime evicted the blacks from their homes and many were relocated to Soweto. Today, it’s still not the prettiest place to live. There’s a lot of poverty in Soweto. And… smartphones?! Here’s what impressed me the most so far: the smiles. The people of Soweto smiled and waved happily at us as we passed. {I don’t know it yet, but this phenomenon extends far beyond Soweto. The people of South Africa will be friendly and happy for the duration of my trip}

[later] We ended the night in the lodge’s bar. I met a nice young lager named Windhoek (VIN-dook), and we became fast friends. As long as you can pronounce it correctly, you can have another. Just kidding! We drank all the Windhoeks, so pronunciation never came into play.”


This was actually a very powerful Transformer. I forget his name, but boy he sure could blow up Decepticons!

Turns out NO ONE Beats Omo on stain removal.

A view of Jo-burg from the Apartheid Museum.

Some cows next to some small homes.

Some more small homes.

A soccer match. If I’m not mistaken, the 12th Street Cheetahs beat the North Side Rockets 3-2.

The moon AND trees? Surely not!

Hey, here’s a familiar face! Probably just a mirage, though.

Street vending. I wanted to stop, but it was too early in the trip to start spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on heavy things to lug around for 3 weeks.

They repurposed these cooling towers for sweet bungee jumping action! Also, they painted the towers.

Some fancy stencil art I found.

The hat, the pants, the shoes… I like this guy.

NO ONE Beats Omo on stain removal.

Why, hello there!

Wondering if anyone beats Omo on stain removal?

It’s not a mirage! Stop the bus! WHY AREN’T YOU STOPPING?

Here’s picture I took of some property I own.


Here’s our dear barman, Themba. The “h” is silent. Kinda. It’s pronounced sort of like T’hemba. He was good to us, and we enjoyed talking to him. Hi, Themba!

The last Windhoek. Thanks, Themba! Castle, you’re on deck. Get loosened up.


Onward to Day 4!

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