Africa Trip: Day 23

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

-At over 15 hours, this will likely be the longest flight I’ll ever take.

-We’re somewhere over the Atlantic, and I should try to sleep because there’s still 10.5 hours left of this silliness.

-Six hours to our destination. So far I think we’ve had midnight seven times, since we’re basically traveling with the rotation of the Earth. Yep, been in the air all night, and it’s still 12am. I’ve watched G.I. Joe 2, Cloud Atlas, Africa’s Big Cats, an episode of Breaking Bad, and some other stuff. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters was in there somewhere.

-With an hour and 20 minutes left of the flight, I’ve chosen to watch Goonies. Goonies is 2 hours long. I’ll have to watch the last half hour of it in my head while I wait in the Customs line in Atlanta.

-I looked out the window a little bit ago and saw a city on the coast. Just a mass of lights in the dark of the early morning. But it was an American city on American soil. I admit, I got a little choked up. You could drop me off literally anywhere now, and I could find my way home by the weekend. I’m not as vulnerable and powerless as I’ve been for the last 22 days.

-Cleared Customs like a boss. Well, I cleared Customs at any rate. In my passport photo, I have hair on top of my head and no beard. The customs agent required additional forms of identification to allow me into the country. I gave him my patented Fright Stare, and that seemed to be ID enough. He’ll have nightmares about me for the rest of his life.

-Atlanta to Detroit. 1 hour, 27 minutes. Not much to say about this. I’ll probably shut the ol’ eye-bags a while as soon as I get a beverage and a snack. I think I slept at most 2 hours between Johannesburg and Atlanta.

-Fell asleep before the flight attendant got to me with snacks and beverages. Now we descend upon Detroit. This was the quickest flight so far, but hopefully Detroit to Wausau will be quicker.

-I sat next to a nice woman who conversed with me the whole way to Wausau. She wasn’t part of our group. She wanted to hear all about Africa. I wish I could remember her name…

-I didn’t expect Jordy to remember me immediately when I got off the plane. He’s only a year and 3 months old, after all. I came through the door in the airport and he saw me right away. His face lit up, and he ran to me. Hugs for Jordy, hugs for Keri. I am home.
I am home.


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