Africa Trip: Day 22


Day 22: Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Let Two Days of Travel Begin! er… Continue!

-Just got accused of “photo bombing” and “eating children”. I was all like, “Whaaaaaat?!”

-The bus is stopped, and this little boy on the sidewalk is carrying a box of Joop! For Men. That’s the cologne I wear. I like this kid. I’m taking his picture. He’s waving at the bus and smiling. Take care, little buddy.

-On the bus ride, I’ve got my headphones plugged into my smartphone. I’m listening to Rob Zombie’s latest album, Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor. This is the second time on this trip that I’ve listened to my own music. The other time it was AWOLNATION. I sure do like me some Rob Zombie. This music is toe-tappin’.

-Ah, commerce! Hartbeespoort. Vendors galore. I was the first customer of the day at no less than THREE different shop-thingies! What are the chances? It’s high-pressure sales, and if you buy something they’ll walk it over to their friend’s table for wrapping so you have to buy something there. I told one guy I needed to go to the ATM, and he said he’d follow me. I told him he most certainly would NOT be following me to the cash machine. There were some cool things to buy, and you have to be prepared to haggle hard. It could almost be fun… I got a boar tusk! If you’ve read Chuggie, you know he smokes a boar tusk that he’s made into a tobacco pipe. I don’t smoke a pipe myself, but it’s pretty cool to have. Also got some lion teeth and other trinkets. I was pretty awesome at haggling, but it was a relief to get back on the bus.

-Onward to Jo-burg! We’re in for a long night…


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