Africa Trip: Day 21


Day 21: Monday, July 8, 2013

Farewell to all my new friends Nyetse, Lekubu, and Mosweu.

-My amazing ideas are almost out of control! I’m like Wolverine and Dr. Doom rolled into one!

-Getting lots of Chuggie ideas, too. Those are written and sketched in another part of this journal. You can’t read them.

-Just left the Deanery in Lehuretshe and heading to Rustenburg. That’s 1.5 to 2 hours. This is a really nice van, though. I’m quite comfortable up here on the front seat.

-We’ve basically started our journey home this morning. Two and a half days from now, I’ll be home. The idea makes my heart beat fast.

-There’s mention of “space herpes” in this book I’m reading by CV Hunt. That’s awesome.

-We have to leave VERY early tomorrow. There are some protests in Jo-burg, meaning large groups of people are gathering in streets to shut them down. Will they be there tomorrow? Maybe. According to the Bishop, the protesters are part of Cosatu’s group. Cosatu sounds like a real turd in the punch bowl, if you ask me.

-Tonight is our last night in South Africa. Tomorrow is travel-travel-travel, then an overnight on the plane. The kids are staying up late so they can sleep on the plane. The older folks are resting up for the journey (and will also sleep on the plane). Me? No idea. It’s pointless to strategize. My physiology (as it pertains to sleep) will betray me if I try to “plan”. So I’m writing. And I’m wondering if there’s been any point to the pages I’ve written about this trip. I flip back through, and I can’t tell if there’s any substance there. Maybe I’m tired. In two days, I’ll be home with Keri, Jordy, JP, and Mo. That’s all that concerns me. Oh, and getting a motorcycle.

-Now I think I’ma go to sleep. If I can. These kids down the hall are making a ruckus and a half, I tells ya! And they may or may not be on my LAWN! The important thing is they’re keeping certain other old grouches awake, and that’s important. I’ll sleep well knowing that.


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