Africa Trip: Day 20


Day 20: Sunday, July 7, 2013

-Had a fire at the Chief’s house last night. A couple beers, too. Hunter Gold is like our Redd’s Apple Ale. Black Label is a lager that was quite popular with the anti-apartheid movement. Drinking it is like drinking history, and I LOVE me some history.

-Strange dreams after I got back from the Chief’s house. In one, I was Wolverine of the X-Men, and I was wearing Dr. Doom’s green cloak. I was very powerful (although Dr. Doom doesn’t derive power from his cloak in real life…), and I was searching for the Infinity Gauntlet. There was this massive bridge-like structure I was walking on. It was so foggy I could barely see, and there were these huge, crumbling columns sticking up from the surface of the bridge. Other things happened in the dream, too. But I’m not telling.

-Here’s something I’ve been thinking about: years ago it was Christmas Eve at Rick and Shirley’s house. Grandma Dory gave me this big tapestry-thingy with African animals and designs on it. Elephants, leopards, that kind of stuff. My dad leaned over and said something wildly funny, at which we both laughed hysterically. Everyone thought we were crazy. I’m not telling what he said, but rest assured it was dang funny AND related to the topic of the tapestry. I love you, Grandma Dory!

-And speaking of grandma’s, my other dearly beloved grandma is Grandma Wilma. Grandma, you’ve been seen by many African’s in the picture where you’re holding Jordy. I love you, Grandma Wilma!

-Church is about to begin here in Nyetse. The building is unfinished. Among other things, it doesn’t have pews yet. But it has walls, and it has a roof. That’s enough for people to come. They’ll bring chairs or milk crates or whatever. These folks love coming to church.

-Offering time at church! Much singing, much dancing. Someone has a whistle, and it’s painfully loud. So I have an idea! I’ll put $100 in the bowl if you let me smash that whistle! Poor Marlee Kiander… she had no way of knowing the woman was about to unleash the full power of the whistle inches behind her head. Sorry, Marlee!

-Tomorrow morning we leave Nyetse. We spend tomorrow night at the Diocese Center in Rustenburg. The next night we spend on a plane. The night after that, I’ll be sleeping in my own bed.

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