Africa Trip: Day 19


Day 19: Saturday, July 6, 2013

Farewell Party at Nyetse

-Got harassed and intimidated by a chicken earlier. Then I had breakfast. Then the dudes went on for a hike in the hills led by Enteretse Moiloa, the Chief’s son. We learned about dogs, goats, cows, baboons, leopards, kudu, boars, mambas, cobras, and rock pythons. (Right now the girls of the village are looking over my shoulder trying to read what I’m writing. Good luck, chickies! My wife can’t even read these monkey-scribbles!) Man, that hike was a lot of work… I need me a Black Label and an early bedtime. Or a campfire. Everybody has been to a fire but me, so I’m due. Or AM I?

-A long hike, a short nap, a farewell dinner. Pastor Mark asked if I’d give a short thank you speech. I said no. Then I thought about it, and I realized it had to be done. I knew exactly what had to be said, so I delivered a speech with my arm around Alfred, the older gentleman from Lekubu who translated for me. My speech was about baboons and bloodthirsty goats. It was awesome, and you can ask anybody who heard it. Not to brag.

-I need to remember to describe here how they hunt boars and kudu…

-Invited for beers and fire at the Chief’s place. See ya tomorrow, journal!

-I also need to remember to list some facts about black mambas here…

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