Africa Trip: Day 18


Day 18: Friday, July 5, 2013

Last Day of Safari

-Various comments by various people in the group nearly caused the collapse of space-time. I’m not cool with that.

-Concluded safari with giraffes and such. Magical! Cold and windy safari this morning.

-Back in Nyetse, I have ventured back down to my tree by the soccer field. I found some thorns I’m super interested in. They were all over back in Mosweu, but here there’s only one tree that has them. It’s in front of a yellow house. I’m contemplating the thorns as I sit in my tree. This is nice. I hope this tree is still here someday down the line when I bring Jordy.

-Free-roaming goats are grazing nearby. One is standing on his hind legs, stretching up to get leaves out of trees. Speaking of trees, the aloe trees here are so cool. I may have mentioned they kind of look like bursts of fireworks, frozen. That, and the branches look like monster tails. How could I not be fascinated by them?

-Ah, my guides have arrived.

-Back at the house, the news is on. Apparently, there’s an epidemic of botched circumcisions happening in Africa. The idea seems to be that circumcision reduces the frequency of STD’s – AIDS being chief among them here. The problem comes from unqualified people performing them, probably for a lower price. The news also mentions “Saint” John Paul II. Nobody reading this will care how I feel about this (I think it’s silly).

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