Africa Trip: Day 17


Day 17: July 4, 2013

-The 4th of July! Poor Mo and JP… this is one of the worst days of the year for them. They hate fireworks. I miss my little buddies.

-Saw some elephants this morning, but not terribly close. Saw impala, zebras, kudu, and an African wildcat. Even a hyena. Lions last night, but not today. Our driver is trying to find us some rhinos, but they’re being evasive. We saw plenty of elephant and rhino poops. Elephants drop stinkpiles constantly, wherever they go. Rhinos, I’m told, like to crap in the same spot when they can. Then they kick it around with their back legs to get it all over their feet. Then, when they’re walking around their territory, it comes off and lets everybody know whose land it is. I respect that.

-Even giraffes are scary when they’re in the wild. Look at those legs! They could kick you right in half! We saw a family of elephants, too. It’s amazing how smart they are. (I use that word a lot, but only when things amaze.) This baby elephant was playing in the dirt, rolling around and stuff. The mother tells him it’s time to go. He starts to get up and then falls down. He starts rolling around again. Mother pulls on him with her trunk. He tries to get up, falls down again. This little elephant was perfectly capable of getting up. He was putting on an act so he could stay and play. How do I know he could get up? After a few minutes, he jumped to his feet to chase after the other baby elephant. He was faking.

-I asked the driver to stop the truck and shut off the engine again. He obliged. The African bush at night is profound, and I recommend it to anyone reading this.

-Long day. Exhausted. I’ll sleep like a rock. Maybe the rock has like a little sleeping face painted on it or something.


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