Africa Trip: Day 15

Day 15: Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Week and a Day Remain

-Laying in bed in the early morning of Nyetse. Roosters crow as I write in my journal and draw monsters.

-It’s afternoon, and I just had my first South African tangerine. No complaints here. Someone in our group sent some money along with me to the tuck shop so I could buy six bottles of Coke. When I brought them back, they were distributed among our group. I saw some wide-eyed Nyetse kids watching us drink our Cokes. I drank half my bottle and gave it to a little girl. Now I’m sitting in a tree writing about Chuggie. Nearby Rachel, Anna, Sarah, Marlee, and Michaela are playing netball with the kids of the village. I can’t see the game from here, but I can hear it. Uh-oh, I’ve been spotted.

-Tony is our go-to guy. Need something? Tell Tony. He’ll get you whatever you need. I showed him some of my paintings (on my smartphone), and he called me a “powerful genius.” I asked him to verify this by signing and dating my journal page, which he did.

Page 16, Come On Down!

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