Africa Trip: Day 14

Day 14: July 1, 2013

Nine Days Remain

-A rooster came and crowed at me most of the time I was in the outhouse. Doves like to walk on the metal roof in the early morning. I suspect I was snoring pretty hard last night…

-Jack is onto something… BRENT BUCKS! One Brent Buck = $10 = 100R. As I think about it, however, the Brent Buck should probably be worth significantly more. I’ll get back to you.

-It’s awesome but hard to hear what old Jordy has been up to. Jordy, I miss you, buddy. Can’t wait to see you in 9 days! Apparently, he made his first solo trip up the stairs today. Snuck right up when no one was looking. It was a bold gesture by a bold man. Just like ‘is Paw!

-Items I brought to South Africa that I’m glad I brought: protein bars, beef jerky, folding knife, small satchel, journal. Items I wish I had brought: old towel, old wash cloth, cheap sandals, more beef jerky.

-The vegetable farm outside of Nyetse is something special, and I’m glad we got to visit it. The farm employs and feeds the community. The owner described his business model to us, and I was highly impressed. The profits go back into the project, and the operation is expanding. They grow tomatoes, green peppers, spinach, and cabbage. Some gets sold in Nyetse, some gets trucked into Zeerust and sold there. The owner said he wouldn’t put anything on a truck that he wouldn’t eat himself. And in the morning, kudu and springboks come up to the fence. He said he likes to get out early and watch them. I probably would, too.

Let’s See What Happens on Day 15!

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