Africa Trip: Day 13

Day 13: June 30, 2013

Ten Days Remain

-Spent last night with the Rantao’s in Lekubu. I can’t say enough how great they were to me. Keitumetse, if you get to read this, thank you! I AM HAPPY!

-Today is a church festival in Lekubu. Then we’ll go to Nyetse. Then safari, then back to Nyetse, then debriefing at the Deanery, then home.

-A woman was breastfeeding in church today when they called on her to stand up and be recognized for something she’d helped with. She continued breastfeeding, unabashedly, as she stood and nodded to the congregation. Most people didn’t seem to notice. It just made me think how back here in the U.S. there are people who take deep, personal offense at public breastfeeding, as if it’s something you should be ashamed of.

-Fact: Church services here in South Africa can last over 4 hours.

-We took a small offering among the people who visited Mosweu to raise some a little money for the Mosweu creche. Today I gave the money to Pastor Jack. They’ll use it to buy educational toys for the small children of Mosweu. I wish I could see them kiddies playing with them toys. Maybe someday.

-WHOA! Was that just another AMAZING idea? By the beard of Jesus, I believe it WAS! And the ideas keep coming! Should I be writing these down?

-Arriving in Nyetse just after sunset, we were treated to another amazing South African welcome. It seemed like the whole village turned out to greet us. They sang and danced and hugged us as the daylight faded. A gleeful crowd escorted us to the town center where they fed us. Introductions were made all around.

-I’m staying in the Mathe house. My hostess is Rachel. Her mother is Didimalang. Didi’s sister is Aunt Tiragolo. Reotshepile is Rachel’s 12 year old son. Kebabone is Rachel’s other son, 22.

-My OWN BED tonight! I’m going to sleep SO hard in about four minutes, in spite of the cricket frenzy happening just outside my window. Sleepy in Nyetse. Bones. Also, no ceilings rooms conn [writing impossible to decipher here. I may have fallen asleep]

Onward to Day 14!


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