Africa Trip: Day 12

Day 12: June 29, 2013

On a Saturday… “The Gang Plays Sports and Goes to a Wedding”

-Best sleep I’ve had in several days. Maybe the best of the whole trip. To celebrate, maybe I’ll wake my roommate with screaming and punching…

-We said farewell to our friends in Mosweu this morning. Now back to Lekubu for the day, spend the night there, and go to church there tomorrow. After church, we head for Nyetse.

-The ride to Lekubu from Mosweu- we were sardine-packed in this van with our luggage on our laps and no suspension. 12 of us. Know what I call that? Adventure.

-Today is sports day in Lekubu. Also, there’s a wedding reception to attend. I am like a tornado when I get competitive, so I’ve chosen to skip the sports and stay un-sweaty for the wedding feast.




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