Africa Trip: Day 11

Day 11: June 28, 2013

On a Friday… “The Gang has Dinner with the Mayor”

-Today is supposed to be a busy day. All kinds of places of interest. I’m so tired, you shouldn’t expect much of me today.

-Touring the college, we sat in a conference room and listened to a guy from the college talk about the programs they’re offering and then a guy from our group talk about all the programs that are offered a college he’s tight with. I was interested, but I could barely keep my eyes open. I looked up, and Marlee was having the same problem on the other side of the table. I knew that if there were two of us falling asleep, we probably wouldn’t get yelled at. If it was just me, though? They would have had me flogged.

-We visited a home for the elderly and disabled. That was tough. Not much you can do but be friendly to these people, shake their hands, and remember them. An old blind man got 1o rand off me. He said it was for sweets. I’m glad we went and visited them. It was definitely something I’ll never forget. Those people have seen a lot, and I hope somebody who speaks Tswana talks to them and writes their stories.

-So tired. People have been asking me all day if I’m feeling okay and stuff. I probably look awful. Not sick, folks. Just unbelievably tired. Well, maybe a teensy bit sick…

-In a meeting at the college, I kept dozing off. Marlee was sitting across the room from me, nodding off, too. Every time I did the head bob, I’d look across at her. As long as she had her eyes shut, I knew I could get away with it, too.




Onward to Day 12!

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