Africa Trip: Day 10

Day 10: June 27, 2013

On a Thursday… “The Gang Hangs in Mosweu”

-The roosters in Mosweu are every bit as active in the early morning as the roosters in Lekubu. This makes sense to me, since they’re all roosters. They seem to have agitated some doves, who were running laps on the tin roof for the last hour or so. The sun will be rising soon, so I should probably get up and take pictures.

-Dogs serve 3 main purposes here: security, hunting, and food disposal. Us Americans all want to run up and pet the dogs, but they aren’t used to that so they scamper away.

-I wonder who I’m annoying. Probably nobody. I’m awesome.

-The Mosweu creche needs educational toys, as they have none. I might try to raise up some funds to put towards that. Kids need learnin’ toys.

-I bought lollipops for 9 kids at the tuck shop today. They were thrilled to get the treats. I’m pretty sure I was the first American to buy them suckers. I hope they’ll remember me, because I remember them.

-We met the chief of Mosweu today, aka the “Kgosi”. He said we are welcome and we’re part of the village now. He, like most folks here, would love to visit the US.

-Visited the Mosweu tavern today. Very interesting (pics below). Also a funerary gathering. Not the funeral itself, but a gathering of mourners. They led us into the back room of a small house where the widow and her sisters sat on mattresses. It wasn’t a big room, but a lot of people made it in there. I didn’t take pictures out of respect for their grief. We sang and prayers were said. It was a big honor for me that they’d let us into such a private family affair.

-Back at Emily’s house, as pork sausage was being grilled, Emily called for a dance-off. She chose me as a partner, and wouldn’t you know it, we WON. The judges were unanimous. It’s not surprising. My moves are some real next-level action. Emily calls me “Chomi” which she claims means “friend” because she can never remember my name. I call her Chomi right back.

-FACT: You’re supposed to eat the entire chicken foot, not just a little skin.

-It’s important to bring enough beer for everybody. Folks can be offended if everyone else gets a beer but them. The way I’m used to doing it is, if I show up with beer that’s my beer. If you don’t have your own, I’ll share until we get you some. Here, if there’s beer, the quickest hands get ice cold cans. ALWAYS bring enough beer.



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