Keep Away From Psycho Joe is Here!

Howdy, friends! The wait is over… Keep Away From Psycho Joe is here!





I’d be thrilled if you went ahead and bought yourself a copy of that sweet business right now! I’d be even MORE thrilled if you helped spread the word by posting a review on Amazon! So many exclamation points!

What’s it about? THIS:

Freshman year is over, and not a moment too soon for Ruby. He and his mom moved from Milwaukee to the tiny town of Bluehills at the beginning of the school year, and ever since he’s been in trouble. Now that school’s out for the summer, Ruby doesn’t know how he’ll fill his days. Ideally, he’d just pass the time watching movies with his pal Cludes… and Cludes’ lovely cousin Justine.

Whatever he does, he should probably keep away from the neighbor up the road, a man known around town as Psycho Joe. If the crude flyers posted all over the area are to be believed, Psycho Joe is a dangerous man – especially to young people.

As Ruby starts digging up the dirt on his mad neighbor, each answer leads to new, darker questions. Things get stranger and stranger the deeper Ruby digs. Just how dangerous is Psycho Joe? Are there unearthly forces at work in Bluehills? Will the answers drive Ruby insane, too?

Ruby should have listened when they told him…

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

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