Keep Away From Psycho Joe – Release Day


Hey, chums! Great news! Remember that book I’ve been talking about here and there? Well, it’s called Keep Away From Psycho Joe, and it’s almost here. The official release date is October 10, 2016. Yeah, that’s Brett Favre’s birthday. Coincidence? I don’t know…

So what’s this book about? Glad you asked. It’s about a high school kid named Ruby. Ruby lived his whole life in Milwaukee until circumstances caused him and his mother to move north at the start of his freshman year. Ruby now finds himself in the small, quiet town of Bluehills, Wisconsin, where posters hang on telephone poles with the warning: KEEP AWAY FROM PSYCHO JOE. Ruby and his mother live in a small home belonging to his uncle Bruce, way out in the country. Out among the forests and fields, where the closest neighbor is a man whose name appears on the very posters just discussed. A man known as Psycho Joe. Adventure ensues!

I can’t wait to share it with you, folks! As soon as I have an Amazon page to link to, I’ll share that ASAP.

And since you ask… Yes, we’re having a book release party! The party will be held Saturday, October 15th, at the Bruce Area Public Library in Bruce, WI. I figure we’ll hang out and talk books from 6 t0 8. I’ll read a little, too, and I think I’ll even have some copies along if folks want to buy a book. We’ll have some snacks and some other fun stuff going on, too. Afterwards, maybe head on over to Glory B’s for some pizza and a beverage?

More real soon… This is going to be great!

Lindsey Goddard

Had me a nice little chat with America’s sweetheart Lindsey Goddard recently, and now YOU can read what we talked about! Woo!


BK: Hi Lindsey. Thanks for taking the time! Firstly, your book Ashes of Another Life was just released from Omnium Gatherum. What’s it all about? Is it super spooky?

Lindsey Goddard: Ashes of Another Life is the story of Tara Jane Brewer, a fourteen year old girl who escapes a polygamist cult after tragedy strikes her family. Tara Jane grew up in the isolated community of Sweet Springs, sequestered away from modern society. Now that she’s on the outside looking in, she can finally see the fear and violence that has controlled her life. But how can she move on and start anew with her dead family stalking her? Father, his four wives, and all of their children seem to be reaching out to her from beyond the grave. Is it super spooky? I sure hope so!


BK: What else have you had published?

LG: I’ve had tons of short stories published over the years. I was beginning to feel a bit crazy for not having any long fiction available to readers. Most recently, my story “Red Mask” appeared in Black Room Manuscripts 2 from The Sinister Horror Company. There are other anthologies, dating back to 2009. You can find them on my Amazon page. Ashes of Another Life is my first full-length book. It is a novella, so next I will tackle the novel. 🙂

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Monique Snyman


I was recently lucky enough to converse with Monique Snyman, author of Muti Nation, a brand new novel from Omnium Gatherum. It looks like this:

Muti Nation

And the conversation went like this:

Brent Kelley: Hi Monique! So your book Muti Nation just came out from Omnium Gatherum. What’s it about? Romance at sea?

Monique Snyman: Hi Brent! Do I look like a cutesy romance writer … err, rather don’t answer that. No, sir! Muti Nation is a novel about ritual murders where body parts and organs are used for traditional medicine. We follow Esmé Snyders, a young occult crime expert (not paranormal investigator), as she searches for the “muti-killer” who’s been taunting her by leaving bodies all around the place. Her job is, unfortunately, not as straight forward as it appears, because this guy is powerful in a supernatural sense, and ja … he’s got his evil eye trained on her. Muti Nation is also mainly set in Pretoria, South Africa, where we sometimes hear about these types of murders occurring (and yeah, they do happen).


BK: It sounds great! What else have you written? What’s on the way?

MS: Thank you, thank you. *curtsies* I’ve written quite a few short stories that found homes in a myriad of small presses. I’ve also written some other novels. YA stuff. I’m hoping those titles will soon fall into obscurity, so let’s forget I’ve written more books than Muti Nation. *laughs* I’m currently working on the sequel to Muti Nation, and exploring some other ideas I have. Oh, and I’ve been submitting some more short stories. That’s about it on the writing front at the moment.

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Chris Meekings

In the not too distant future, I had a conversation with author Chris Meekings about his new book Ravens and Writing Desks from Omnium Gatherum. This is that interview. But first, a photo of Chris.


Brent Kelley: Hello, Chris. This is the very first question of the interview, wherein I ask you to introduce yourself and provide a short list of your fears. Do you like how that first part wasn’t a question but this second part is?

Chris Meekings: Hello Brent, and hello readers of Brent.
My name is Chris Meekings. I come from a city called Gloucester in the South West of Britain, and I wrote a book. I started writing it about 11 years ago. Then 9 years ago I finished the first draft and had to edit it for 2 years. At the recommendation of a friend of mine, Garrett Cook, I sent it off to Omnium Gatherum and Kate was kind enough to publish it, and here we are.
Ooooh, what are my fears? I really hate flying, which is going to be a bit of a problem in November as I’m due to fly to Portland to attend a convention. That’s about 12 hrs of flight. I’m not looking forward to that.


BK: So tell us a bit about the book. Ravens and Writing Desks. I’m told it’s a metaphysical fantasy?

CM: Yes Ravens is a Metaphysical Fantasy, so it’s to do with exploring the fundamental nature of being and the world around us. But, it’s also to do with books. It’s been described as a book for bookworms. 
The story is about a young girl called Lucy Alice Zara Gayle. She starts as a very standard protagonist for a fantasy book. She’s smart but socially isolated and bullied at school. That is until one day when she is confronted by a wizard on her way home from school. He sends her off on a quest to return magic to his world. She, of course, goes, but as she travels this strange land she becomes increasingly concerned about whether what she is experiencing is real or not. To find the answers she must pass three tests, one of courage, one of compassion and one of logic. Only then can she decide what is real and what it is she believes.
It’s a book that, hopefully, tries to illustrate how stories shape our identities and how our beliefs shape our reality.

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My Review of GREEN RABBITS by Jessica McHugh


After reading dozens and dozens of 5-star reviews for Jessica McHugh’s Green Rabbits, I decided I’d best check it out. I will say this book was NOT what I expected. I tore through this book like a Green Rabbit tears through the junkies lounging in one of Mr. Keeper’s drug dens. It’s a mesmerizing, mind-bending read that will leave you both aching for a sequel and praying one never comes. Green Rabbits will stick in your brain like an icepick long after you finish the last twist of the knife on the last page. Read at your own risk. 5 Stars.

The book’s cover was a little slapdash – hastily done if you ask me – but that’s a different matter altogether.

Keep Away From Psycho Joe

Howdy, chums! It’s been pretty quiet around this page for a little while, and here’s why:

Psycho Joe WS

That there is the front cover of Keep Away From Psycho Joe, a book. It’s Young Adult Horror set in a small town called Bluehills, Wisconsin. See, all over Bluehills and surrounding areas somebody puts up these posters warning folks to stay away from Psycho Joe’s house. Ruben, our main character, happens to live just down the road from ol’ Joe.

Keep Away From Psycho Joe will be available from Omnium Gatherum in Summer 2016. Why, that’s right around the corner! As we get an official release date and pre-order info, you’ll be informed right here.

It kind of goes without saying that I’m stoked about this book. I mean, if I wasn’t  would we even be publishing it? No, probably not. Nevertheless. And YES, we DO have other awesome things developing that I can’t quite tell you about just yet.

More soon.