A Quick March Update

Howdy, gang! Ain’t heard from ME in a while, eh? Well, that changes right NOW! So here’s the update. I started a new job recently. I quite like it, and I think I hope they keep me around. I work in a real estate office doing graphic design and providing entertainment. I haven’t showed them my interpretive dance sequence yet, but hopefully soon. The problem is that the sequence is now over 41 minutes long and I still have a couple details to work out and because there’s no smooth transition from C+C Music Factory to Led Zeppelin. At least not with the songs I’m using.

Anyway, I’m still around and I’m still clacking at the keyboards occasionally. I’ve actually got a thing coming up where I go back to my old high school and talk to kids about writing. Super looking forward to that!

The main project for the last few months has been the Stoker Con 17 YouTube Page. Click right here and check it out. I’ve been video interviewing a whole bunch of awesome authors, and some of those very interviews can be seen on that YouTube page!

As for the writing… It’s been a little slow. Chuggie #4 and Cruce Roosters. Chuggie #4 is going to be bloody and gutsy and sweary. But Cruce Roosters is going to be rough. Ugly. If you’re my Mom, please don’t read it. To balance that out, I have an idea for an adventure series for young readers that I’ve already said too much about! Your letters of encouragement are, of course, always welcome. Or letters of discouragement. I’m usually just happy to have something to read that’s written just for me.

Last but not least! I made this rockin’ pirate ship with my son. Well, it’s not quite done. It’s a work in progress, and we have fun working on it. Look upon it and weep that you don’t have one!

It Was September

Last September was an exciting time. I was training and trying to lose a little weight for my first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. I was also going through final edits on Keep Away From Psycho Joe with my editor, Kate Jonez.

A bunch of folks have taken a look at Keep Away From Psycho Joe. A bunch more are reading it now. The feedback has been better than I’d hoped, and I can’t tell you how awesome that is.

But there’s something you don’t know about this book. The editing sessions were many. They typically went for two or three hours. But the FINAL editing session… It was September. At least, I’m pretty sure it was. It’s a blur now. Wanna know why? Then read the next paragraph!

I knew it was going to be a late night. We started editing shortly after I got home from work.  Video conferencing, of course. (SCIENCE!) I had a coffee and two Rock Star energy swigs on standby.  We edited furiously. It’s not easy – at least, not for me. Next to marketing, editing is the least fun part of the process. From favorite to least favorite, it  goes like this: 1) Ideation  2)Writing  3) Re-writing  4)Chasing bears out of my yard with a plastic shovel at night  5)Editing  6)Marketing.

We burned the midnight oil that night. And then we burned the next night’s ration of midnight oil, too. Then some more. Keep Away From Psycho Joe is a humor/horror novel for young adults, but the real scary stuff wouldn’t come until after. When I finally laid down in the very early hours of the morning, I’d gotten my body into some kind of crisis mode. Heart thudding so hard the whole bed shook, I went looking for sleep and found none. I shouldn’t say none… I might have gotten my eyes to stay shut for an hour or so before the sun came up. You get a little time to think when you’re laying there waiting for your heart to explode. You get time to revisit every awful thing you’ve done, to explore all your darkest fears. Falling asleep? Not for long! Here’s some terror for no reason and a layer of icy sweat!

Can’t complain, though. That’s what I signed up for. Thanks to Kate and those sessions, the book turned out better than I’d hoped. It was well worth the price, I’ll tell you that much. I’m pretty sure that was September.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

Chuggie #1 Audiobook

Just in time for the holidays, we have something pretty cool for you, my friends. As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it’s the audiobook for Chuggie and the Desecration of Stagwater! The book is narrated by a gentleman named Carl Moore, who is (spoiler alert) currently hard at work on narrating the 2nd Chuggie book, Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways. I find this hugely exciting! Carl is super talented, and I just know you’re gonna love listening to him reading Chuggie’s story!

Here’s a link to where you can get it: CHUGGIE ON AUDIBLE

But let’s make this a little more interesting… See, I just updated the layout of this here webpage. That is one of MANY reasons why I’m presently feeling generous. Cutting to the chase, I have a handful of CODES that are good for one free download of the audiobook in question. If you’re the audiobook listening sort, email me and say “Hey, BMK! Gimme that sweet, sweet Code!” Or something. Surprise me. First come, first served. Supplies are limited, so don’t  wait if you want in. Just go here: CONTACT PAGE, and send that message!

Keep Away From Psycho Joe is Here!

Howdy, friends! The wait is over… Keep Away From Psycho Joe is here!





I’d be thrilled if you went ahead and bought yourself a copy of that sweet business right now! I’d be even MORE thrilled if you helped spread the word by posting a review on Amazon! So many exclamation points!

What’s it about? THIS:

Freshman year is over, and not a moment too soon for Ruby. He and his mom moved from Milwaukee to the tiny town of Bluehills at the beginning of the school year, and ever since he’s been in trouble. Now that school’s out for the summer, Ruby doesn’t know how he’ll fill his days. Ideally, he’d just pass the time watching movies with his pal Cludes… and Cludes’ lovely cousin Justine.

Whatever he does, he should probably keep away from the neighbor up the road, a man known around town as Psycho Joe. If the crude flyers posted all over the area are to be believed, Psycho Joe is a dangerous man – especially to young people.

As Ruby starts digging up the dirt on his mad neighbor, each answer leads to new, darker questions. Things get stranger and stranger the deeper Ruby digs. Just how dangerous is Psycho Joe? Are there unearthly forces at work in Bluehills? Will the answers drive Ruby insane, too?

Ruby should have listened when they told him…

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

Keep Away From Psycho Joe – Release Day


Hey, chums! Great news! Remember that book I’ve been talking about here and there? Well, it’s called Keep Away From Psycho Joe, and it’s almost here. The official release date is October 10, 2016. Yeah, that’s Brett Favre’s birthday. Coincidence? I don’t know…

So what’s this book about? Glad you asked. It’s about a high school kid named Ruby. Ruby lived his whole life in Milwaukee until circumstances caused him and his mother to move north at the start of his freshman year. Ruby now finds himself in the small, quiet town of Bluehills, Wisconsin, where posters hang on telephone poles with the warning: KEEP AWAY FROM PSYCHO JOE. Ruby and his mother live in a small home belonging to his uncle Bruce, way out in the country. Out among the forests and fields, where the closest neighbor is a man whose name appears on the very posters just discussed. A man known as Psycho Joe. Adventure ensues!

I can’t wait to share it with you, folks! As soon as I have an Amazon page to link to, I’ll share that ASAP.

And since you ask… Yes, we’re having a book release party! The party will be held Saturday, October 15th, at the Bruce Area Public Library in Bruce, WI. I figure we’ll hang out and talk books from 6 t0 8. I’ll read a little, too, and I think I’ll even have some copies along if folks want to buy a book. We’ll have some snacks and some other fun stuff going on, too. Afterwards, maybe head on over to Glory B’s for some pizza and a beverage?

More real soon… This is going to be great!