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Sunsets in April

As a human being with a thirst for adventure, you can’t help but wonder what it’s like for me to ride my bicycle. It keeps you up at night. It tortures you throughout the day. Well, my little baby birds, … Continue reading

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March Photo Roundup

There are only a few days left in March, and I doubt I’ll do much riding in the next couple days. As promised, here is a selection of photos from Happy Bicycle Ride Action Time Go. Here was one night: … Continue reading

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More Bike Ridin’ Photos

These might get annoying for subscribers if I post my stupid bike ride pics every night. Maybe in the future I’ll just take a bunch of pictures and do a weekly bike pic round-up or something. Whatever. Here are a … Continue reading

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F@ Bike, SE Bikes – Mine

So a month or so ago I nabbed myself a F@ Bike (SEBikes), which I will show you now: Actually, it was a gift from my adoring wife and family. I love my bike. It’s tough and mean and shiny … Continue reading

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Starting Chuggie #4

It’s dang exciting, folks! Up until now, Chuggie #4 has just been a pile of notes in various places. Magical lands to explore, monsters to face, demons to enslave, and portals to cross. Stuff like that. Tonight I put pen … Continue reading

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Chuggie: Dark Fantasy Books

On a world called Mag Mell there roams a man by the name of Norchug Mot Losiat. Most just call him Chuggie, and he is one of four primordial plagues who’ve walked the land since the world was young. Within … Continue reading

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