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Chuggie on a Stick: The Fish Eating Contest

October + Chuggie = Chugtober! During the 31 days of Chugtober Omnium Gatherum and Brent Michael Kelley are sponsoring six contests. Each contest has an exciting prize. We’re giving away witch fingers, tchotchkes, ebooks and other stuff.  There are lots … Continue reading

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Witch Fingers

I’ve discovered, over the course of many a moonlit adventure, that when a witch’s finger is severed it invariably turns to wood. I have no shortage of witches in the deep, dark forest behind my house, and they become very active … Continue reading

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Why, hello there. You sure are looking swell today. Are you, perhaps, experimenting with some sort of new anti-aging serum? No? Well, I have a theory as to why you’re looking younger, more alert, and ready for all sorts of … Continue reading

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A Website Just for Chuggie

Greetings, amigos! So I have some great Chuggie-related news to share with you. You may have already seen on the Facebook or the Twitter some mention of a new Chuggie website. Well, it’s real, and you can visit it this … Continue reading

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Stuff So Cool You’ll Punch a Yeti

I have to tell you something. Ready? Good. Okay, you know how on the right hand sidebar of this here page there’s a Subscribe button hidden a little ways down that you probably didn’t know about? Well, entering your email … Continue reading

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Sunsets in April

As a human being with a thirst for adventure, you can’t help but wonder what it’s like for me to ride my bicycle. It keeps you up at night. It tortures you throughout the day. Well, my little baby birds, … Continue reading

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