A Quick March Update

Howdy, gang! Ain’t heard from ME in a while, eh? Well, that changes right NOW! So here’s the update. I started a new job recently. I quite like it, and I think I hope they keep me around. I work in a real estate office doing graphic design and providing entertainment. I haven’t showed them my interpretive dance sequence yet, but hopefully soon. The problem is that the sequence is now over 41 minutes long and I still have a couple details to work out and because there’s no smooth transition from C+C Music Factory to Led Zeppelin. At least not with the songs I’m using.

Anyway, I’m still around and I’m still clacking at the keyboards occasionally. I’ve actually got a thing coming up where I go back to my old high school and talk to kids about writing. Super looking forward to that!

The main project for the last few months has been the Stoker Con 17 YouTube Page. Click right here and check it out. I’ve been video interviewing a whole bunch of awesome authors, and some of those very interviews can be seen on that YouTube page!

As for the writing… It’s been a little slow. Chuggie #4 and Cruce Roosters. Chuggie #4 is going to be bloody and gutsy and sweary. But Cruce Roosters is going to be rough. Ugly. If you’re my Mom, please don’t read it. To balance that out, I have an idea for an adventure series for young readers that I’ve already said too much about! Your letters of encouragement are, of course, always welcome. Or letters of discouragement. I’m usually just happy to have something to read that’s written just for me.

Last but not least! I made this rockin’ pirate ship with my son. Well, it’s not quite done. It’s a work in progress, and we have fun working on it. Look upon it and weep that you don’t have one!

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