Cruce Roosters

I know what you’re thinking: “Brent, you got a little quiet again there!” And you’re right. I did. I was working on something. What you ask? This:

This is the front cover to my new novella, Cruce Roosters. What’s it about? Glad you asked!

Cruce is the most brutal, most extreme, most adrenaline-pumping sport of all time, and Molly Most is going to be the greatest cruce broadcaster ever. To do that, she’ll have to rise above the drug-fueled exploitation and expanding, malignant apathy of the world around her. Once she captures the attention of the Prophit King, Molly gets to see behind the curtain. What horrors keep the Prophit King in power? What nightmare future lies in wait?

WOW! What a synopsis! Even more impressive than the synopsis is the cover art, created by Matthew Wajek. Click that link and go check out his other stuff. Dude’s got skills.

Cruce Roosters is not a nice story. It might make you uncomfortable reading it. It sure made ME uncomfortable writing it. That’s what horror is supposed to do. If you’re ready to get in the arena with the Roosters though, this book will be coming out in February, 2018. And it’s gonna be stuffed with surprises.

BMK out.