Keep Away From Psycho Joe

Howdy, chums! It’s been pretty quiet around this page for a little while, and here’s why:

Psycho Joe WS

That there is the front cover of Keep Away From Psycho Joe, a book. It’s Young Adult Horror set in a small town called Bluehills, Wisconsin. See, all over Bluehills and surrounding areas somebody puts up these posters warning folks to stay away from Psycho Joe’s house. Ruben, our main character, happens to live just down the road from ol’ Joe.

Keep Away From Psycho Joe will be available from Omnium Gatherum in Summer 2016. Why, that’s right around the corner! As we get an official release date and pre-order info, you’ll be informed right here.

It kind of goes without saying that I’m stoked about this book. I mean, if I wasn’t ¬†would we even be publishing it? No, probably not. Nevertheless. And YES, we DO have other awesome things developing that I can’t quite tell you about just yet.

More soon.