A Website Just for Chuggie

Greetings, amigos! So I have some great Chuggie-related news to share with you. You may have already seen on the Facebook or the Twitter some mention of a new Chuggie website. Well, it’s real, and you can visit it this very second. It’s called Chuggie.net, and I’m quite excited to launch it.

Along with the new site just for Chuggie, I’ve decided to bust out a CafePress shop so folks can finally get their Chuggie gear! That’s called Chuggie’s Adventure Shack, and there’s some cool stuff on there already with a lot more to come. Here are some examples of the sweet, sweet Chuggie merch you can nab there:

ctflask ctt cttank ctthong

And this site here? Your dear old BrentMichaelKelley.com? Not to fret, G. This action ain’t goin’ anywhere. Maybe I’ll post more updates, though. Wouldn’t that be a treat?!