March Photo Roundup

There are only a few days left in March, and I doubt I’ll do much riding in the next couple days. As promised, here is a selection of photos from Happy Bicycle Ride Action Time Go.

Here was one night:


Here was a different night:


I may have gotten a teensy bit carried away adjusting the saturation in that last image. On the other hand, maybe that’s exactly how the scene looked. Here’s more from a different night!

Looking west:

Looking east:DSC08955

And with that, I leave you. I’ve got to go write something for an anthology that you will probably never hear of. It’s underground to the point I have to write with a shovel on my lap. Seriously, I had to call Diggers Hotline before I started. It’s LITERALLY so far underground I had to LITERALLY rent a hotel room in Sssgudge (the capital city of the Lava Men) and LITERALLY get a part time job there to pay for the room (because the Lava Men do not accept human currency) until the story is done.


More Bike Ridin’ Photos

These might get annoying for subscribers if I post my stupid bike ride pics every night. Maybe in the future I’ll just take a bunch of pictures and do a weekly bike pic round-up or something. Whatever. Here are a few from tonight. I took a picture from the bridge, went and took a picture by the strawberry field, then went BACK to the bridge and took… YET ANOTHER PICTURE!!!!


F@ Bike, SE Bikes – Mine

So a month or so ago I nabbed myself a F@ Bike (SEBikes), which I will show you now:


Actually, it was a gift from my adoring wife and family. I love my bike. It’s tough and mean and shiny and red. I took my shiny red bike out for ride tonight (our second ride together ever). Just down to the boat landing and back. It’s about a mile total, all along the edge of Lake Nokomis. I hope to do lots of riding, and I’ll try to bring my camera with when I do. Sooner or later I’ll even venture out beyond the boat landing, so hopefully my sweet bike-riding pics will be interesting. Here are tonight’s offerings:


Starting Chuggie #4

It’s dang exciting, folks! Up until now, Chuggie #4 has just been a pile of notes in various places. Magical lands to explore, monsters to face, demons to enslave, and portals to cross. Stuff like that. Tonight I put pen to paper (metaphorically. I was typing.) and set up a Microsoft Word document that isn’t a pile of notes or a character study or a tentative outline. It’s a chapter. The first chapter of the book. I took a screenshot for you. As I return to my writing of darkest fantasy on the monstrous and alien world of Mag Mell, I leave you with… this:

chug4 capture