A Cool Winter’s Chug

Howdy, chums! Thanks for dropping by. So winter arrived a month early. We’re ¬†all very excited about that. Got a snowblower blowing snow this time around, so watch out! I’m a man to be feared when I’m at the helm of that thing. And while I snowblow? Well, I like to listen to music. I started getting into Here Come the Mummies, and I was amazed to discover ALL of their music is free to download on their site.



Got a few stories I’m kicking around, too. One’s a Young Adult Horror that involves collecting dew. Another is some nonsense about this Chuggie guy I’m always yapping about. The last one is a story-poem about a little boy named Jordy. In it, Jordy and his dogs (Mo and JP) go around counting critters. I think I’ll illustrate that one, too. (Or have the Wife illustrate it while I play “Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel” on my funputer as Handsome Jack’s Doppleganger. TORGUE SHOTGUNZ ROOL!) Maybe I’ll post that right here on this very web page once it’s done. How would that be?

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy of Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods so far! You guys are the coolest! If you’d like to purchase a signed copy, I got ’em for sale on my Store page. If you act fast, it might even arrive before Christmas. MIGHT. Oh, and reviews are ALWAYS appreciated.

Lastly, you look fantastic today. Positively glowing.