One Week To Chuggie

Greetings, Amigos! As you may or may not know, Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods will be released one week from today. That’s Thursday, October 2nd. It’s not only the birthday of Groucho Marx and Bud Gaugh, it’s also the birthday of my cousin Tim Bays, to whom this book is dedicated. Let’s have a look at the cover:



Strange winds have blown Norchug Mot Losiat, better known as Chuggie, to a world called Glughu. It is a realm of blood and bone where tar pumps like blood, where blood pours like wine, and where wine flows like booze. With the injured blade cultist Fey Voletta at his side – as well as a painted woman named Araza – Chuggie crosses a tar-filled wilderness to reach the city of An Croi. It’s a city filled with fanatical killers in the service of a bloodthirsty master who has conquered and imprisoned the old gods. A secret battle threatens to draw Chuggie in, but all our drunken hero wants is to get home to Mag Mell. The only way home is through a bleeding gateway, and to open one Chuggie will have to pay a heavy toll. Will Chuggie get home in time to prevent a war? What will he have to do to get there? How will he carry all that booze?

Wow, that was an amazing synopsis. I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t wait to read it! I should mention that there’s art inside this book. WONDERFUL art by a fellow named David Starr. Here, have a taste of illustration:



That’s Squip. Squip is a character in the book who you will totally root for. And you’ll be able to root for her soon indeed. October 2nd, chum. Mark it on your calendar. Stay tuned for giveaways and such coming up next week.

Release of Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods

NOTICE: Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods has a scheduled release date of October 2, 2014. More on the significance of this date coming soon.

Also coming soon: the Book Cover!

Here’s a picture of some people in a tube.