Friday the 13th Chuggie Giveaway

(Sign up from June 13 – June 23, 2014)

Happy Friday the 13th, chums! Tomorrow is the anniversary of Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways’ release date, and so I’m going to give some books away. How does that sound?


Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways is my second novel, published on June 14, 2013. It follows Chuggie on his continuing adventures right after the Desecration of Stagwater. Steel Jacks are after him, children are lost, volkani are lurking, and Chuggie’s bone dagger seems to have strange powers. When we released this book, I decided to send half of my royalties to the American Cancer Society for one year. Since then, I’ve decided not to limit it to one year and not to limit it to the royalties from this book. I plan to continue sending half of my total author royalties to the American Cancer Society for the foreseeable future, so any copy of any of my books that you buy helps fight cancer. Sooooo… you know… ahem…

Chuggie #1I will give a signed set to one lucky winner. They’ll receive Chuggie and the Desecration of Stagwater, Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways, and Chuggie and the Fish Freaks of Farheath, all signed and polished and ready for reading. Others may receive consolation prizes, which will depend entirely upon how generous I feel on the day of the drawing.


I was trying to think of a way to do this so that anyone could enter. If I do it on Facebook, a lot of people will sign up, but then you have to have a Facebook account to play. Well, I know some delightful people who don’t want a Facebook account, but they’d love some Chuggie. Same for Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, and so on. I wanted to do something more inclusive. I decided to try it out on my website, which doesn’t see nearly the traffic of the others. As such, I would be ELATED if you helped spread the word! Go ahead. Take a moment to share this page with everyone you know. I can wait until you get back.

I’m going to choose a winner at random from the comments on this very post. To sign up to win, simply leave a comment. Any comment. Preferably something nice, y’know? You could tell me what you like about Chuggie. If you haven’t read Chuggie, you could ask a question about Chuggie. You could tell me my hair smells nice. You could say something spooky. You could tell me how awesome you are. And so forth.

Contest rules: As most of my money is tied up in an auction for a non-working Batmobile replica, I’m afraid I have to limit the contest to the United States. In the future, I imagine my non-working Batmobile replica will be quite the money maker, and I’ll be able to expand the contest to worldwide. One winner will be chosen at random. Other winners may be selected randomly to recieve consolation prizes, but if I’m in a bad mood that day maybe not. Winner(s?) will be notified by email. They’ll have 3 days to accept their prize before I’ll move on and randomly select a new winner. The contest will run for 10 days, so you have until June 23 to sign up. I reserve the right to alter the rules of this contest at any time or cancel it altogether (if I become enraged). There will also be a way to sign up on Facebook for folks who don’t have the energy to come all the way here from there. (It’s a long ways!)

I suppose if you don’t want to leave a comment, you could sign up by messaging me with this handy Contact Form.

Lastly, a Chuggie update:

Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods is coming along smashingly. Literally smashingly. It immediately follows the events of Chuggie and the Bleeding Gateways. Plenty of monsters and adventure and magic and mayhem. Some swearing. Some steaminess. It’s right on track for a September release (I think!), so all you gotta do is hang on a little longer. It’s going to feature some astonishing artwork from David Francis Starr. I swear, every time he sends me new artwork to look at my head literally figuratively metaphorically explodes. Yours will too when you get your copy of Chuggie and the Prisoner Gods… in September when we release it.

And after Prisoner Gods, I plan to do some more short Chuggie tales. Yes, Chuggie’s shorts will be enjoyed by all. You’ll be walking around with Chuggie’s shorts in your hand, and strangers will ask, “My word, what’s that you’re carrying?” You’ll smirk and reply, “Why, these are some of Chuggie’s shorts, friend!” They’ll ask, “How could I get my own hands on Chuggie’s shorts?” To which you’ll reply, “Ask the internet, dummy!” and then you’ll stomp away. That will be very rude of you, but you will be having a rough day because all you want to do is sit down and enjoy Chuggie’s shorts, but strangers keep bothering you.