Psychostick Rocks

The year was 2013. The month, December. My good friend Ryan and his band Throw the Fight were going to be playing in Wausau, WI. The Wife and I don’t like to miss Throw the Fight when they come to town for two reasons: 1) They absolutely rock, and 2) We don’t get to see Ryan often. So we got to the show and caught Ryan at his merch table. We hugged, we chatted, we juggled 26 chainsaws (a new world record, probably). Out of absolutely nowhere, Ryan announced, “Psychostick is about to start. I gotta go watch these guys.”

My response? I narrowed my eyes, flared my nostrils, and gritted my teeth. The beer bottle I had in my hand expoloded, crushed by my frighteningly powerful grip. (Note: I’m so hardcore, that’s the equivalent of me smiling, nodding, and saying “Why, of course! I’d love to watch this band with you, chum!”)

I’d never heard of these guys before, so I didn’t know what I was in for. What I saw was unlike any rock and/or roll performance I’ve seen before or since. Pyschostick, man. Wow. Their music was heavy, their lyrics were ridiculous, their performance was insane and original and completely unexpected. They sang songs about beards, beer, love, being at a rock show, counting to four, and so on.


After their performance concluded and I wiped the tears away, Psychostick could be found at their merch table signing posters. I introduced myself, got a poster signed, and bought myself a compact disc (as Alex the Drummer informed me, that’s like a record, but with LASERS!).

I contacted the band through secret channels and asked if they’d answer my questions and let me post those answers on this here web page you’re looking at here. The band narrowed their eyes, flared their nostrils, and crushed a beer bottle in their hand. Below are the questions I asked them, along with the answers to those questions.

BMK: My wife and I got to see Psychostick at the Fillmor in Wausau, WI back in December. You played with Throw the Fight, Romantic Rebel, and Wayland. Did you guys have a good time that night? Did you enjoy our nice Wisconsin weather?

PSYCHOSTICK: Wasn’t that the last show at that venue? Sucks! I really liked that place. We did enjoy ourselves, even in the absolute zero temperatures.


BMK: Your rock show was probably as meticulously planned as a Nine Inch Nails concert. Finely tuned, powerful attention to detail, spine-liquefying rock. Was it always this way? What was your first show like?

P: No, our show did not start out as fine tuned. Honestly part of that show is just tons and TONS of experience. We do plan many things out at rehearsal and kind of see how the set feels as the tour continues onward.


BMK: Is there a magical animal that sums up the spirit of Psychostick?

P: Yes. The guitaricorn.



BMK: Your music isn’t all about beer, beards, and counting to four… There are also songs in there about love. Is it a challenge to switch gears like that and write a love song… that rocks?

P: We have love songs? That must be the one about Sandwiches. I LOVE SANDWICHES.


BMK: Heh, I was thinking of a different song… The one where something “Equals Love.” But I digest. As an author, I am obligated to ask a book-related question. Are you reading anything good right now? Got any recommendations?

P: Alex is currently reading tons of financial textbooks, as he is goin’ for his financial degree. I (Rawrb) tend to read more techie books, but Matty and I lately have been obsessing over Game of Thrones.


BMK: Now back to the rocking. Does having a beard make it easier to deliver those soul-shredding jams?

P: Yes it does. There is power in the beard.


BMK: Psychostick the Movie… Who gets cast to play the band members?

P: Rawrb: Brad Pitt – Josh: Nick Swardson – Alex: Jim Carrey – Matty J: Zach Galifianakis


BMK: Who are your favorite bands to see live?

P: Dillinger Escape Plan, Alkaline Trio, Sevendust, and Machine Head. SO GOOD.


BMK: I wasn’t ready for the rocking Psychostick delivered. I literally had to wipe tears from my face literally the whole time. Literally. The music was brilliant… A little *too* brilliant. It’s my suspicion the music is just a clever front for something much bigger, much more diabolical. Are you guys planning to enslave humanity? Also, have I put myself at risk by asking this question?

P: We thought about enslaving humanity, but that just sounds like so much WORK and MAINTENANCE. We’d rather just play music and drink beer.


BMK: What’s on the horizon for Psychostick?

P: New album, many tours, hoping to go overseas soon for the first time.


BMK: Thanks, Psychostick!

See that? That was amazing! Dear reader, to further reward you for giving me your deep, deep attention just now, here’s a bonus treat for you to put deep, deep inside your brain:

Now go to Psychostick’s webpage and Facebook page, and give them all the money.