Coming Soon: Blog Tour to the End of the World

That’s right, very soon we’ll be featuring an interview with Anthony J. Rapino, author of the brand new, not-to-miss horror novel Soundtrack to the End of the World. will be one stop on his blog tour, which I have just decided I will now refer to as “The Blog Tour to the End of the World.” Because I’m awesome like that.

Fortune: Lost and Found – Official Release Date

The official release date for Fortune: Lost and Found will be August 15, 2012. I’m told that is coming up. So, comrades, your job is to save up a few bucks and buy a copy on the day of the release. Here’s the list of stories (which I haven’t been officially authorized to post):

A Friend in Paga by Brent Michael Kelley
The Bottom Line by Kurt Fawver
The Plagiarist’s Wireless by Christian A. Larsen
Down the Pan by Phil Hickes
Trabajando Alegre by Wednesday Lee Friday
Things They Took from Luke by Garrett Cook
The Rules by Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi
The Second Vault by Andrew G. Dombalagian
Best Laid Plans by Lydia Ondrusek and John Jasper Owens
Hungry by Eric J. Guignard
Twisted Words by Andrew M. Stockton
Storbeck’s Gold by Cory J. Herndon

I have a hunch this anthology is going to kick major hiney, and I’m honored to be a part of it! Okay, full disclosure: I have more than a hunch. I have a proof copy. This anthology kicks major hiney. I remain honored to be a part of it!

Chuggie Movie Cast and a Tasty Excerpt

I was recently invited to write up a little guest post over at Slices of Bizarro Pie, Jeremy C. Shipp’s site. The topic: Who would I cast in a movie made of Chuggie and the Desecration of Stagwater? Oh, I knew just who to cast in what role, and… and… and it looks like I have no idea, anymore, how I intended to end that sentence. It’s very early. I’m very tired. Jordy, on the other hand, could go for some activities. He’s kinda snoozing right now, so I gotta type super quiet.


Anyway, here’s a SPOILER ALERT. The excerpt I’m about to share, while tasty, may contain information that some would consider to be a SPOILER. Here you go:


Chuggie paced around the pit. “Y’see, long ago, and I’m just speculatin’ here, a storm blew an acorn out of a tree. Miles from here, this was. The acorn landed right in this spot. As luck would have it, that little acorn grew into a sapling. It always dreamt it would find its own special way of makin’ the world a better place. As it grew big an’ tall, it told the other trees an’ bushes that destiny waited just ahead. They laughed an’ told it that big trees make lumber or firewood, an’ not much else. Well, that ol’ tree ignored ’em all. It just waited for destiny to come a-stumblin’ along.”

“No, please!” Kale wailed. “There’ll be hell to pay, drunk!”

“Then, not too long agon, another storm came along and blew that tree over. It was so big and strong it pulled its roots outta the ground. That’s what made this big pit next to you. The rest of the forest – even the damn moss – laughed at the tree. They said it’d been a fool the whole time, an’ now it was gonna rot away on the forest floor. But guess what?” Chuggie leaned in close.

“I have money!” Kale blurted. “I’ll make you a rich man!”

“This tree HAS a destiny. It IS making the world a better place. Do you feel that? It’s givin’ me chills! All the other trees are congratulatin’ YOUR tree, Kale!”

Chuggie grabbed fistfuls of Kale’s shirt and lifted him up face to face, close enough so Kale could smell the blood on Chuggie’s breath.

“You were diggin’ a grave for that little boy when I found you, but there’s only one grave in the woods tonight. It’s yours, Kale, and no man dug it. The WORLD dug your grave. It’s waited for you long enough.”