Chet Zar, My Nemesis

I suppose calling artist Chet Zar my “nemesis” is a bit of an overstatement. He recently told his Facebook fans that they could challenge him to a game of Words With Friends. I challenged him. At the time of this posting, it’s a true David versus Goliath battle. Last night he hammered me with a 147 point word. I’m starting to feel this game slipping away from me…

I’ve been a fan of Chet’s art for a long time. His work is wonderfully dark. Inhuman figures convey a range of emotion that’s not simply limited to horror. Monstrous contemplation, contentment, rage, mischief, etc. Since I started writing, Chet’s imagery has always inspired my stories. Someday I’d love to commission him to do a series based on Chuggie, the Steel Jacks, and the rest of the gang. The art says more than I could, so here are some examples of Mr. Zar’s work.

Chet Zar’s father James Zar is another artist you should be following. Wild stuff, and definitely another inspiration for Chuggie’s world. Example: