C.V. Hunt Interview

C.V. Hunt is a horror author, artist, book reviewer, and all around swell gal. Her first book, Endlessly, and the sequel, Legacy, are for sale now. The third installment, Phantom, will be available 2/29/2012. She was kind enough to answer some questions for me, and here they be:


BMK: Firstly, what would you like to say about Endlessly, Legacy, and Phantom for those of us who have yet to read the series?

C.V. Hunt: The basics of the Endlessly series are rooted in reincarnation. People are born with souls that aren’t human, and if the human figures what their soul is, they can shape shift into that identity, such as a: werewolf, troll, fairy, gargoyle, dragon, elf, alien, mermaid, etc. There are other species like demons, angels, zombies and vampires. But I always have to warn the readers, my vampires kill humans without discrimination, and they don’t feel bad about it either. Only a few of the characters are kind, and almost everyone carries a big gun. Think Hellboy meets Underworld… or something like that.


BMK: Well, I’m pretty sure I need to check that out. Watching your site these last few months, you’re always reviewing something new. You must read like a bajillion words a minute. How do you find the time?

CVH: It’s usually rare for me to sit and read for long periods of time. For the most part it’s a chapter here and there throughout the day, and somehow it adds up. Reading is an addiction for me. If I don’t have a book in my hand I go through withdrawal. It’s not a pretty sight.


BMK: When you read all those different books, how much or little do you let them influence your writing?

CVH: If I’m writing about zombies, I’ll try not to read anything with zombies in it. I don’t want someone else’s story to influence my own. But sometimes I read about a trait someone has attached to a horror character, and I think, this would be awesome on a mermaid. I feel that every book I read tends to inspire me to keep my characters different from the norm.


BMK: If you got blasted with a space ray and got all kinds of powers, what sort of powers would you get? Also, hero or villain? Also, what would you call yourself?

CVH: My greatest power would be invisibility, and I would definitely be a villain. I’d spend most of my time messing with people. You know, tripping them, or making people think their house was haunted by moving things through the air. I would be referred to as “The Great Nothing”.


BMK: If an alien fleet showed up in Earth’s orbit tomorrow, do you think they’d exterminate us, make us their pets, or something else?

CVH: I’d think they were trying to find a White Castle, and if we gave them bad directions, we would become the sliders.


BMK: What is your biggest time drain?

CVH: The evil internet. It’s my greatest weapon when it comes to research, but then I get sidetracked by social networking sites, or news articles. Sometimes I wonder if I have A.D.D. Oh look! Some celebrity I’ve never heard of is back in rehab….


BMK: I miss boomboxes… What do you miss from years past?

CVH: I miss the anonymity of the time before caller ID. Back when no one had a cell phone, and you were king turd on the crap pile if you had a pager. Prank calls just aren’t what they used to be.


BMK: What’s your favorite Harrison Ford character?

CVH: Han Solo, but I haven’t seen Cowboys and Aliens yet, so I can’t say that with 100% certainty.


BMK: What are your ideal writing conditions? Does music play a part?

CVH: I’m a night person. Any time after midnight is the best time for me, and music is a huge part of my writing. I build playlists based on the feeling I want to portray in the story, and every book has its own theme song.


BMK: Many, many years from now, after I’ve passed away, I would like people to be able to summon me. Like Candyman or Biggie Smalls. I think a person sitting alone by a campfire at midnight should be able to close their eyes, say my name eleven times, and have me appear. How will the children of the future summon C.V. Hunt?

CVH: Someone would have to have two mirrors, so that they could stare at the back of their own head. As they look at the back of their head, they will have to say, “Scary Carrie”, ten times in a single breath. Then I’ll bust out of the mirror they are holding in front of their face.

Thanks, C.V.!

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Witch Fingers and…

The other morning I stepped outside with Mo and JP so they could do their morning business. I nearly rolled my ankle when I stepped on this odd stone egg:

I swore a little and flung the stupid thing into the woods. I thought nothing of it as I went about my day. The next morning it was back. I flung it into the woods again. Every morning since, I’ve been getting up, taking the dogs out, and flinging the stone egg as far as I can into the trees.

Yesterday I came to the understanding that it had to be the work of the witches who dwell in the forest out back. Some kind of message. So last night I went looking for them. I found one of the wicked crones as she prepared to feast on a kitten. I was able to rescue the kitten and, since it had a collar with little tags on it, I returned it to some very grateful owners.

As for the witch… Well, she’ll have a very hard time stealing kittens now. I got two of her fingers and both her eyes. They, of course, turned to wood before I even got back to my house.

Not only did I come home with TWO witch fingers, I also got TWO witch eyes! So I figured I’d give TWO lucky winners an eye and a finger, both. That’s right. The winners are… Ben and Angela!

In the future, there will be two ways to win witch fingers and witch eyes. You can like my author page on Facebook, or you can subscribe to this site. If you do both, you double your chances of winning your very own witch finger and/or witch eye. Guaranteed not to be cursed!*

More witch fingers will be given away soon. How soon? Next week soon.

*Brent Michael Kelley and www.brentmichaelkelley.com are not liable for any items that become cursed in transit.

Word Search Puzzle!

Last night a group of letters came to me in a dream. They told me to memorize the sequence, that if I didn’t they’d come back with their “friends”. I memorized the letters. When I awoke, I wrote them down. I counted them, and there were 196. 14 rows of 14 letters. I saw words hidden there, so I hunted them all down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…
Chuggie and the Desecration of Stagwater:
the Word Search Puzzle!

Here’s a PDF of the puzzle. I might post the answer key soon. MIGHT.