Halloween Times

It’s almost Halloween, so I wanted to post this here art I done.Kids, say hello to Choke-O the Clown! Oh, he’s just a big bucket of laughter and Halloween delights. He’ll be visiting you all this Halloween to make sure there are plenty of chuckles had by… well, Choke-O might be the only one chuckling then. He tells me he is especially delighted in locked doors, saying there’s never been a lock he couldn’t jimmy open with his claws. His second favorite thing is when people think their blankets can protect them. Oh, Choke-O! You’re such a rascal!



We lost a good man this week. Rick Andres was called home, leaving behind his wife Jessie, and their children Kelley, Tyler, and Karlee. We love you, guys. I can’t remember seeing Rick with anything but a smile on his face. He was and is a blessing. I’m grateful to him for being in my life.


Sporkus Titanius

Last week – or was it the week before? – I was the lucky winner of a titanium spork signed by Mr. Jeremy C. Shipp. It arrived yesterday – or was it the day before? – and I’m finally around to posting the glorious artifact. Did you know the ancients believed titanium sporks to be the ultimate good luck charm? Here it is, accompanied by some other goodies from Jeremy. I have named the spork Titanius Sporkus, the gladiator-king of all Sporkdom.

I advise you to subscribe to his blog if you don’t already. He likes to give out cool stuff. Titanium sporks and what not.

Now I have writing to do. Best get to clackin’.