Chuggie on a Stick: The Fish Eating Contest

October + Chuggie = Chugtober!
During the 31 days of Chugtober Omnium Gatherum and Brent Michael Kelley are sponsoring six contests. Each contest has an exciting prize. We’re giving away witch fingers, tchotchkes, ebooks and other stuff.  There are lots of ways to earn entries. At the end of Chugtober the person who has accrued the most entries to all the contests will win the grand prize, a 7 inch wifi Kindle Fire loaded with all the Mischief Mayhem Want and Woe books and a few extra surprises.
Contest One: Chuggie on a Stick begins Sunday Chugtober 4th. Enter early and often. Winner receives a bag of witch fingers and book one of Mischief Mayhem Want and Woe. To learn about witch fingers visit:
To learn more about fingers in general visit:


Chuggie on a Stick The Fish Eating Contest (YOU don’t have to eat fish)

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Witch Fingers


I’ve discovered, over the course of many a moonlit adventure, that when a witch’s finger is severed it invariably turns to wood. I have no shortage of witches in the deep, dark forest behind my house, and they become very active this time of year.  Once a witch has lost a finger, they usually won’t return until it has grown back. In the interest of protecting my family I’ve laid a number of witch finger-traps around the edges of my property, and let’s just say business has been good. I don’t know what else to do with all these witch fingers, so I’m GIVING THEM AWAY!

That’s right, you’ll have a chance to win one or more of these fascinating … uh, things. Are they awesome? YES! Are they cursed? I DOUBT IT!

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Why, hello there. You sure are looking swell today. Are you, perhaps, experimenting with some sort of new anti-aging serum? No? Well, I have a theory as to why you’re looking younger, more alert, and ready for all sorts of action… It’s CHUGTOBER!


What’s Chugtober? Well, I’ll tell you if you give me a second. Sheesh. It’s a month of Chuggie and Chuggie-related shenanigans! It starts with the release of the Chuggie Omnibus (which collects books 1-3), and continues with puppet shows, contests, rad prizes, amnesia, global conspiracies, and more! Soon you’ll be hearing about ways YOU can embrace your inner darkness and get in on this sweet, sweet Chugtober action. So pour yourself a bucket of Dr. Borjo’s Glugging Tonic, kick back in a pile of leaves, and await further transmissions. There’s a small rodent watching you right now as you read this.

Next thing: People on the List get notified first. They get other perks as well. What kinds of perks? You won’t know if you ain’t on the list! Sign up HERE, and we’ll take care of the rest.

And, since you’re such a good pal, I’ll throw on a couple pics from my most recent bicycle ride, taken about twenty minutes apart on the same bridge. These are they:



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A Website Just for Chuggie

Greetings, amigos! So I have some great Chuggie-related news to share with you. You may have already seen on the Facebook or the Twitter some mention of a new Chuggie website. Well, it’s real, and you can visit it this very second. It’s called, and I’m quite excited to launch it.

Along with the new site just for Chuggie, I’ve decided to bust out a CafePress shop so folks can finally get their Chuggie gear! That’s called Chuggie’s Adventure Shack, and there’s some cool stuff on there already with a lot more to come. Here are some examples of the sweet, sweet Chuggie merch you can nab there:

ctflask ctt cttank ctthong

And this site here? Your dear old Not to fret, G. This action ain’t goin’ anywhere. Maybe I’ll post more updates, though. Wouldn’t that be a treat?!

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Stuff So Cool You’ll Punch a Yeti

I have to tell you something. Ready? Good.

Okay, you know how on the right hand sidebar of this here page there’s a Subscribe button hidden a little ways down that you probably didn’t know about? Well, entering your email address in that box and hitting Subscribe gets you subscribed to every post I leave here. Pretty awesome, right? Well, I got something even awesomer.

On that very same right hand sidebar, right up at the top, there is now a little form you can fill out to “Join the List”. What does this do that the other doesn’t? The List gets Occasional Awesome Updates (OTAs) before anyone else. The People of the List have proven their loyalty by signing up for the List, and they will NOT be fed to crocodiles when the Revolution comes. They’ll be rewarded for being on the List. Things like super secret news, List-only giveaways, and so forth. Don’t wanna fill out that little dealy on the right? Well, then go to this page and fill in the very same information!


I had an idea, and I will now share that idea with you. Send me an email using this Contact Form, and include your address with the message. Once I have your address, I will then MAIL YOU SOMETHING IN THE MAIL! (Please note: Sending me an email using this form is different that signing up for the List.)

Got some cool stuff cookin’ these days, and I’ll tell you all about it as soon as I have all the facts and logistics or whatever. (Nettlegoats!) I’ll get the May bikin’ pics up here soon, too. Oh, here. Have a look at a couple sweet pics my trailcam took while you wait for the next fancy action.








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Sunsets in April

As a human being with a thirst for adventure, you can’t help but wonder what it’s like for me to ride my bicycle. It keeps you up at night. It tortures you throughout the day. Well, my little baby birds, there’s no reason to claw out your eyes. I’m back with some more sharesies.



There’ll be a bunch more photos of various sunsets, mostly taken from the same spot (a bridge by my house). They’ll blow your mind. Or, at the very least, they will provide something for your eyes to look at, which is no small feat.

Before that, however, I’ll mention that there’s some super sweet Chuggie stuff in the works. Chuggie On A Stick comes to mind. Good stuff, good stuff. Also a new Chuggie story coming soon. Also just an absolute TON of sunset photos, all taken from the same spot. Seriously, by the end of summer you’ll never want to see another sunset again.

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